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Action Strike Bowling
Active/Educational skills toy
Children need to focus their attention and develop coordination. This playset helps them in learning and in overall development. This real-life, durable and well designed bowling activity set is designed for little people to experience the fun of a popular game. Ready to use, this set is complete with bars, pins and ball. Strike!

Toddler Teepee

Toddler Teepee
Lightweight, sturdy, colorful and stimulating for hours of creative play this durable tent comes in two sizes for children at home or in preschool. Easy to store, set up and use to expand the imagination of the active child. Great for inside or outside play.

TopLine Toys

Creative Activity
Creative paper craft that allows the child to punch out figures and color and decorate to make a new toy.The 8 puppets are presented in an interactive box that allows you to see how the product works. Included in the box are six bright markers and 2 squeezies. The series includes a butterfly, bird, bat,bee, dog frog, gorilla, horse. Tarantula, and Toucan.

Toy Biz

Gerber Hispanic American Talking Baby
Educational doll
12 mos - 36 mos
Que Bueno! Long needed for bi-lingual education, all children benefit from learning words in another language. This innovative 14"doll begins talking with 11 points on the doll's face and body, ojo-eye, boca-mouth, estomago-tummy, but then it adds more complex phrases,home and "mano, agarra mi mano- hand, hold my hand.This doll is available in three ethnic versions. A welcome addition to preschool programs.

Toy Max

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Creative product
Amazing product that children can enjoy by using their imagination and imaginative ingredients. Glamour Goop goes into molding trays with the decorations Pop into a molding oven and magically dolls dressed as the young designer wants them to be are ready to be posed in or near her nearest dollhouse. This is a product that requires guidance and can be more fun if you make the little dolls together.

Twin Sisters Productions

800-248-TWIN / 800-248-8946
Safe and Sound
Educational audio tape
Promote the understanding of safety and proper responses with this excellent production. Children will learn from tape and book how to gains the skills and self- confidence to avoid being victims. Part of proceeds support the important work of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Newest addition in a terrific line of learning materials.


Magna Doodle 3-in-1 Play Center
Creative product
Great new play center offers place for doodling, drawing and building. Three surfaces gives magic erase screen, smooth desk and a sturdy play center with 12 colorful blocks that store magically inside. A big value for your creative child.

Tip: Easy to erase surface can help child to communicate when words are difficult. Plus the child will be occupied with many fun activities that they create at their own pace. Important for this high paced technological age we live in to achieve balance in your child's life.

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