Visual Cards
0-24 mos

This is an excellent series of baby products. The visual cards are durable, colorful, washable and they encourage thinking. Colorful cards are linked together at the top with high contrast images, including a smiley face, a puppy, and other visual stimulation. Another features is an unbreakable mirror for the child to see their own face. The reversible cards stand up like a book. They are able to see them no matter what position they are in. There is a hard frame with different colors and textures to hold onto or to use to teethe. This line of products help baby learn and grow. They are colorful, stimulating and well designed. The products in this series guide parents to use the products effectively. Place the cards so child can have something interesting to look at. Talk about the images and tap on them. Play peek-a-boo with the mirror. Look for Sassy's Fascination Station and the Scoop, Strain, Pour 'n More Turtle Tower for more fun and early stimulation.