i '99 Best 100 Toy Winner: Binney & Smith

Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line

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Binney & Smith

Crayola Model Magic Make & Keep Critters

4 years - up


Ph: 800-272-9652

Your child will enjoy making colorful critters that will become instant collectibles. Model Magic is soft, spongy, air-drying modeling material. Model Magic material is light, easy to use, and doesn't crumble; it can be turned into terrific creatures. Your child can create and color their own Binney & Smith collection. The kit contains four 2.5-oz. bags of the modeling material and two .5-oz. bags of the Model Magic modeling material, for a total of five different colors. The kit also has two broad line and one fine line Crayola washable markers, modeling tools and pipe cleaners, plus there is an activity book with plenty of ideas. The kit is a perfect gift, and your children will enjoy creating and playing with their new Model Magic creatures and the habitat that they create..

 For your information, the word “Crayola” joins the French word “craie,” meaning stick of color, and “ola,” meaning “oily.” In 1864, little did Joseph Binney ever dream that his products in black and red—paint containing charcoal or red iron oxide, used to coat barns—would ever become the incredible palette of colors that they are now. In 1884 Joseph's son, Edwin Binney, and his nephew, Harold Smith, formed the partnership of Binney & Smith. They expanded the company's line to include shoe polish and printing ink. Later, they produced slate pencils, which led them into the educational market. They created dustless chalk and improved on the wax crayon—the rest is history.

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