Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line

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Finger Puppet Theater



Finger Puppet Theater

3 - 8 years 


Ph: 800-443-4463

A beautifully designed portable theater that can be used on a table or that can be worn around the neck to perform puppet shows anywhere. It features changeable set designs and movable curtains that can be placed inside or outside. The theater folds together for compact storage. The finger puppet selection from Folkmanis is vast and will appeal to your child’s every interest. These products are designed with scientific and nature specific detail. You can choose from butterflies, rainforest animals, African wildlife, sea life, desert wildlife, and a range of animals within each set. Butterflies, for example, include Claudina, Malachite, Morphidae, and Swallowtail puppets. A great gift idea for your young actor.

This company was established by Judy Folkmanis, who began making puppets for her child. Her husband developed these puppets into a great line of products.

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