Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line

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Tote & Tinker Activity Center

Age: TBA  

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Ph: 800-323-6336

This is a great item for you to take along on any trip anytime of the year. It combines four fun activities in one neat little carrying case.

A smiling face with moving eyes, a handle that moves many colored beads up and down, and a bell which jingles, insure that  this toy will keep your young child busy with its visual and auditory appeal. 

This Activity Center from Sassy helps children develop observation, motor, and responsive skills  The bell rings, the beads roll, the throttle clicks, and the face beeps. will enjoy getting responses. It is easy to keep clean. 

The instructions for parents encourage them to respond to the activity and to do these things independently. As your child develops, they will be able to push, pull and roll the pieces by themselves.

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