Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line




Kiddie Car Tunes

1 - 4 years  


Ph: 888-543-4886


This is a digital multimedia compact cartridge sound system, state of the art sound player that's sturdy and is built to last. Kiddie Car Tunes uses a technology called digital signal processing. There are no moving parts, unlike tapes or CD players, and it is unbreakable. It has a one-touch on and off power button. It has an automatic shut-off function. It operates on "AA" batteries and has an adaptor to fit the cigarette lighter. This is a great item to have for your child when you're on the road or at any time. There are two mini- speakers, with a cord and jack, it is easy to install and it can sit on the child's safety seat. There is a full warranty. It's a reasonably priced system for the quality that you get and it is definitely a great value.

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