Best 100 Toy Winner, 1999

Rainbow Line

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Tiny Love

Tiny Love Stacking Links & Rings

6 - 36 months  


Ph: 888-TINY-LOV

These are wonderful products that combine all of the elements that help baby to have maximum stimulation. There are color cells and textures in the play activity. This is a sort by size learning experience. It helps children develop their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. First, there is a neck that is black and white with two brightly colored rings and two links with hand-shaped ends. The links open and close so they can be stacked with the rings, that can then connect to make a chain. The chain can make a rattling sound. At the top is a pumpkin-shaped head with eyes and antenna. It squeaks when pressed or squeezed. The child learns to thread or stack the rings and then learns to use the links to create a chain. As your children develop, they will be able to use the products over and over again and they will grow more adept. This is a great item for you to take along on a trip.

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