Best Classic Toys - 1999

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Mega Bloks
Maxi Mega Bloks System


1 - 5 years


Ph: 800 465-3264

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Maxi Mega Bloks are the oversized construction blocks invented in 1985, over 15 years ago. They are creative, colorful and offer a lot of play and learning. The blocks are an open-ended toy that your child will enjoy playing with. They have 50 different shapes and fit together easily without limit. They can be combined with other blocks for unlimited self-expression. The blocks are easy to clean and store.

Other themes in the line offer a bus, boat, fire rescue, kitchenette and Build and Go Easel. Over the past 15 years, the Maxi MEGA BLOKS system has grown. The Large Maxi Bag is a classic building set containing 100 colorful large-prong Maxi MEGA BLOKS. Children can use their imagination to create fantastic projects with these colorful blocks while developing important hand-eye coordination. This product offers children safe, quality toys that deliver exciting and educational play value.

All MEGA BLOKS sets have lifetime guarantees and are available at most large retail outlets.

The companys founder Vic Bertrand Sr. invented the blocks. This Canadian company has been building upon the system ever since.

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