Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Backyard Productions   Baby Songs Goodnight


12 - 24 months


Ph: 800 745-1145

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A collection of lovely songs that allow the child to sing with the parent or for use as background when going to sleep. The collection offers children's songs by Hap Palmer. Songs include Teddy Bear Ball, Sleep My Baby, A New World to Explore and All Night, All Day. This is a wonderful collection and something that can be very valuable to the active toddler. The videos were developed by Los Angeles area moms Amy Weintraub and Brooks McEwen. The Baby Songs series is a big seller judging by these new releases. There are 10 songs on each video, and a mini store with live action shots of the children. Hap Palmer is a music educator who has received many awards and has developed an integration of music and movement. His songs help children to develop motor skills, language, reading readiness and math concepts.