Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Belle Curve   Danceland


3 - 10 years


Ph: 888-357-5867

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This tape and booklet take the child on an imaginary plane ride to the exotic continent of Musicality to arrive at the Land of Dance. Listeners know they are in for fun adventures. Children are exposed to beats, rhythms and melodies from around the world. Danceland has 75 movement activities that can be adapted for physical education and the home. Children need to learn about and understand other children and their communities and cultures. By involving children in different music and movements, kids begin to understand others while also learning how to move. Plus, they develop their own muscle-tone, strength and flexibility. Finally, this tape allows the child to explore, rehearse and refine rhythm skills. Danceland is written by Kristen Fitz Taylor and Cheryl McDonald in collaboration with other specialists.