Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Binary Arts   Railroad Rush Hour


6 - 12 years


Ph: 800 468-1864

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An exciting train game with a game board and two adjustable exit gates. The pieces move in multiple directions. 50 challenge cards are included with 10 junior challenges for younger kids. It challenges beginner to expert. The game includes a 7 by 7 game grid plus train cars with authentic details, storage bag for travel and bright packaging. Children will enjoy the product because it is fun to play. The red locomotive has been blocked in the freight yard. You have to move the blocking cars and baggage platforms out of the way. You pick a card from a pack of 50 switching yard traffic jam challenges and match the game board set up to the card. You shift the cars, engines and baggage platforms. Included are box cars, tank cars, baggage platforms, locomotives and cabooses. There is a red locomotive, challenge cards and a blue and white striped bag to carry along wherever your child goes. This is a game they will enjoy and come back to frequently.