Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Bioviva   Bioviva


8 - 12 years


Ph: 707 568-3111

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This is a new game from France about the environment and takes the child away on a trip of discovery across Planet Earth. The winner is the person who collects all the points for all of the natural regions listed on the destination card. The game provides a growing awareness of the important issues that face the children of today regarding the future of the planet. Players will work out strategies, learn about the natural regions of the earth, and understand scientific discoveries, evolution, the solar system, plant and animal behavior. It is a very valuable product and one that everyone can enjoy. The board game is very well designed. There are a thousand informative questions and answers like: Coral is a living thing, true or false? Coral is made up of small animals called polyps which live in symbiosis with tiny algae. The polyps manufacture a skeleton of calcium which will form a coral reef in several thousand years. Bioviva is the fruits of more than a year of scientific and educational research. The multidisciplinary and global approach developed in the game allows children to discover a great deal about life on our planet. Made of recycled and natural materials, Bioviva offers a funny, creative, and informative resource.