Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Book Peddlers   Koko Doll & Potty Pkg


2 - 5 years


Ph: 800 255-3379

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Vickie Lanskys popular book, KoKo Bears New Potty, comes to life with the KoKo Bear character, an 8-inch high plush teddy bear. The book and doll are in a see-through vinyl bag. This set helps the child to graduate from diapers to grown-up pants. KoKo is a cute bear. He will help your child learn how to handle the next responsibility of dealing with her new skills. The bear has a T-shirt, Velcro closing diapers, pull-on pants, and a bathroom back drop for role-playing. Vickie Lansky is a popular author with frequent articles in magazines. The book in this package is something that parents can read aloud, and then talk about with their child to reduce the stress often involved in this important developmental stage. The illustrations are colorful and warm. The family is happy with KoKos success and are patient with any accidents. The text is large type for the child to read as well. Another Vickie Lansky book, Toilet Training: A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training, offers additional advice to the parents.