Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Cadaco   Pet World


7 - 12 years


Ph: 800 621-5426

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A 9-year-old who wanted to share her love for animals invented this game. It became a hit in her school. This game allows the child to adopt all sorts of fun and unusual pets. Adopt a pet, call it by name, collect them and win the game. The players travel around the board adopting pets. Some of the 14 pets are common, like dogs, cats and birds, but then there are others like turtles, cows and a swan. Once the pet is adopted, the player controls the space. Any player who lands on the space must pay $10. The first player to adopt all of the pets, or whoever has the most play money at the end of the game, wins. This game was launched in May 1999 in conjunction with Be Kind To Animals Week. The board game is colorful, has 50 cards, pawns, pet pieces, and other accessories like play money. This product helps children identify pets and allows them to use counting and money changing skills.