Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Camp Corner   Camp Journal


8 - 15 years


Ph: 800 473-4927

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This journal is from a series of exceptionally good materials that help your child to make the transition from home to camp.It is a 64 page, fill-in-the-blank book. There are plenty of colorful graphics that help to bring back memories such as campfires, lanterns and even bug spray.  The journal helps children write about their stay at camp, and it gives them a place to keep memories organized. It helps them to remember their memorable experiences such as favorite counselors, activities and weather. There are blank pages for photographs. The journal is produced on a nice, durable, easy-to-wipe stock. There are contests offered by the publisher, including the funniest thing that happened at camp. There is an insert pocket for personal stuff, and places for names, addresses, and autographs. In addition, this set of materials includes address cards that allow children to trade with their new friends, greeting cards to send to home and relatives, stationery, and a cardboard box.

Camp Corner products like this journal encourage children to develop thinking and self-expression, and to foster friendships. They improve communications between children and their parents. In addition, they help kindle a good feeling about the whole camp experience.