Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Carpe Diem Games   Count Your Chickens


3 - 8 years


Ph: 781 944-2838

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This is a fun game for children to play. The artwork has been done by childrens author and illustrator, Michel Emberley. This game helps children to learn their numbers. The children can practice number recognition while learning to count, add and subtract. It helps them think and develop pattern recognition, memory retention and strategic thinking. Three matching, racing and concentration games are Count-A-Doodle-Do for 3 and up, Line Up the Ducks and Put the Pigs in Front for 1 to 10, Farm Five, Pick Up in the Haystack and Discard in the Pig Pile, and Barnyard Balance. The card deck is over-sized and easy to handle. There are 56 cards included in the deck.