Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Cognitive Concepts   Earobics Step 2


7  - 10 years


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This software helps children focus on words, auditory phonics and language. It can help children improve their skills before returning to school, or at any time during the year. There are five games that teach essential phonological awareness, auditory processing, and phonic skills. The game Paint by Penguin helps children to count and to identify a sequence of speech sounds from simple to more advanced. Duck Buck helps to teach rhyming skills, common sounds, and spelling patterns. Pesky Parrots helps the child learn how to blend syllables and speech into words. Fire Fighter Fly helps the child to build listening, auditory memory, and phonic skills. Hippo Hoops helps children to use real speech and computer-generated speech to develop vowel and consonant sounds. This line of software that builds on auditory skills, and that helps children become more successful in their learning, was developed by Language and Literacy Specialist Jan Wasowicz, Ph.D.