Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Compoze-A-Puzzle   Compoze-A-Puzzle


3--5 years

$  0.50

Ph: 800 343-5887

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Terrific blank, sturdy, cardboard jigsaw puzzle forms that provide your child with an innovative creative opportunity. Your child can paint them, or can use sponge art, felt tip markers, rubber stamps, stencils, and crayons to decorate the puzzle forms. Children can then mail their own puzzles to friends or relatives. These puzzles make wonderful party invitations or create a wonderful opportunity for saying thank you. They develop the child's creativity and motor coordination, and they help your child's attention span. The 5-1/2 by 8 puzzle is a very reasonable cost and provides many hours of fun. This is a great product to take along on a trip. Children can make pictures as they go along and send them to friends and family as memories of their travel.