Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Discovery Toys   Wiz Kidz


6  - 12 years

$ 6.98

Ph: 800 426-4777

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A small box filled with lots of interesting play experiences. There are 98 cards and instructions. Wiz Kidz can be played from 2 to 10 players. Half of the deck are creative questions, and the other half are letters. You draw one card from each stack and have fun with the answers. For example, topics include an insect, something in your classroom, a toy or game, something on a farm, a profession, something in a grocery store, a beverage, something hot, a pets name, a foreign country, something in outer space, and something in an amusement park. There are different points for using different letters of the alphabet.  If you answer the question correctly, you score the number of points on the letter card. But there are a variety of ways of playing; a variation of the game is Concentration, when you turn the cards face down. This game helps children to develop memory skills. Children can also learn logic and creative thinking by playing these activities. The cards are made of slick card stock and are easy to keep clean. This product is also easy to enjoy anywhere.