Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

EDC Publishing   Travel Kid Kit


7  - 12 years

$ 12.95

Ph: 800 475-4522

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This publishing company produces terrific products usable at any time of the year. The Kid Kits are particularly great during the summer time. This first travel Kid Kit is everything your child needs to keep her busy while on vacation. She can play games like Treasure Hunt, Air Race Destination, Take Off Race, and other games are included. There are 35 puzzles and contests that are great for the car, plane or train. There are 60 sheets of spiral-bound notepaper, an 11-cartridge pencil, and one die. The Wikki Stix strips can be used to create game tokens that stay in place during bumpy travel. 36 axis sticks have colors and can be re-used with different shapes. There is also a compass included to chart your direction of travel, plus a deck of 52 playing cards. A great value for children. There are also other Kid Kits included in this series--friendship bracelets, air-brushed designs, and a book of magic among others.