Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Folkmanis   Large Rabbit in Hat


3 - 10 years

$ 14.95

Ph: 800 654-8922

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This rabbit is one of many realistic and beautifully designed animals that are in this extraordinary Folkmanis collection. Everything from caterpillars, butterflies, and the praying mantis, to rabbits, birds and all kinds of other animals are included in this realistic and well produced collection. This magic little bunny is no exception to Folkmanis quality. The original Rabbit in the Hat trick is very difficult to perform. But with this rabbit, your young magician will have a wonderful time making it appear and disappear at a moments notice. The controls are under the rabbit, so it's easy for your magician to push the rabbit up and make it move. Your young magician will be interested in knowing that conjuring, or the practice of magic, is one of the oldest performing arts, dating back 4000 years. Magic comes from the word "magi," or "mighty ones," the title of the priest scholars of ancient Persia.