Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Fox Ridge Music   Songs for a Kinder World


4 - 9 years

$ 10.00

Ph: 540 579-7421

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Helen White, a school counselor from North Carolina, offers this delightful tape. She has long performed traditional Appalachian folk and string band music, and has toured widely singing and playing guitar, fiddle, claw hammer, and banjo. She has performed in many festivals throughout the United States and has won many awards. She also helps children with positive character development. This tape reflects a variety of musical styles from soft rock to swing to folk music--all performed by award-winning studio musicians including David Johnson. There's whistling, acoustic and electric basses, pedal steel, Spanish and electric guitars, mandolins, percussion instruments, keyboards, and fiddles scattered throughout the various song styles. Helen and the musicians are joined by a chorus of students selected from her elementary school in Sparta, North Carolina. Encourage your child to join in! The songs help positive character development by stressing kindness to others and by bringing about a healthy attitude towards self, work, and family.