Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Frank Schaffer   Homework-Magic Addition


6 - 7 years

$ 3.95

Ph: 800 421-5533

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This product comes from a line of great educational products by teacher and reading consultant Frank Schaffer, who has developed a long line of educational materials. In 1994, Frank Schaffer Publications was purchased by Harlequin Enterprises, but the quality that began with his inspiration has continued. This new Homework Magic offers children the basics in math in an easy to follow form. It is similar to Homework Helper, but it uses a magical twist. You can wave your magic wand and watch the answers appear. The answers are hidden behind red ink and can be seen only through a red filter. There is also a riddle at the bottom of each page, but you have to use the Magic Wand, included in the set,  to see the answer. A child should be able to understand the directions, complete the problems on the activity page with pencil, and then use the wand to reveal the hidden answers. When your children check their answers with the magic wand,  you can reward their efforts. This is a fun little book to take along on any trip. A practical way for children to practice their math skills while on vacation.