Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Gamewright   Toot & Puddle Game


4 - 10 years

$ 18.99

Ph: 800 638-7568

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Holly Hobbie bases this game on the original book, Toot and Puddle. You can travel along with Toot as he sees the world, while Puddle is having fun in his own back yard. They mail postcards back and forth to each other. Follow Toot's path from Africa to Italy, then return to Woodcock Pocket where Puddle has been waiting. The game ends when all the players reach home. Included in this cooperative game are a colorful game board, a mailbox, four Toot playing pieces, 18 post cards, a colored die and the rules. Anne and Monte Stambler, who have produced a company that believes in high quality games based on good stories, designed this game. Dr. Monte Stambler has spent thousands of hours playing with children, examining the meaning of play and how children think. His wife practices psychotherapy with children and has taught in special education. Games, they feel, provide humor and whimsy while involving children. Playing games is an activity that gets people together and focused on one thing. Good games facilitate development while they build a sense of community.