Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Heartsong   Sing, Dance 'n Sign


4 - 7 years

$ 19.95

Ph: 800 484-8041

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Gaia Tossing, a talented musician, does signing with children so that children who cannot hear can also learn words to songs. She has produced a 59-page songbook that contains music, chords, lyrics, activities, and dance movements. Also included is a dictionary of sign descriptions and sign language illustrations by deaf artist Diana Bonadurer-Sullivan. A narrative by deaf actress Jonalee Folerzynski (Jonnie) describes growing up as a deaf child. The songs written by Ed and Gaia Tossing emphasize friendship, diversity and self-confidence. Songs include I Love to Sign, Hands Dance, Confidence, Human Rainbow, Friends Make the World Go Round. Included is a CD with music that goes with the songs.