Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Hot Off The Press   Scrapbooking for Kids Series


7 - 12 years

$ 6.95

Ph: 800 227-9595

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This is a three book series of books that offer a personal touch. My Own Scrapbook gives your child a place to keep their picture and to fill in information about themselves, their family, home, neighborhood, birthday, and friends. Kids can save lists of their favorite things, and do much more. My Adventure Scrapbook gives your children a chance to take their picture in front of a light-colored wall, and to put themselves into different adventures within the book, like space travel, parachuting, motorcycle racing, going on a safari or whitewater rafting. The text is open-ended, so children can put in their picture and add their own ideas and information. The third book, My Daydream Scrapbook, encourages children to use their picture and their imagination by going on a magical ride on a magic carpet, meeting a powerful wizard, locating a special kingdom, and flying on a space ship. These three books are great for summer time fantasy, or for use any time. Add paper, glue, and pictures, to develop a whole range of activities with each of these Hot Off  The Press products.