Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Imaginazium   Imagination Adventure Kit


4 - 8 years

$ 19.95

Ph: 800 800-7008

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A 30-minute guided audiotape imagery story, plus a 24-page activity book and a packet of tub tents. The first story is "What To Do When Theres Nothing To Do". This opportunity invites children to engage their own imaginations. The story is introduced by a theme song and explains how to enter the Imaginazium. As the story unfolds, children begin to  feel like theyre really there. There are fun experiences in this Adventure Kit with Luna Blue and her friend, Henry Huggafur, who gives hugs and makes up games. Simon Reminder is there to help with a rhyming rap song and veggies, and we also meet Gaelon and the Dream Wizard who makes dreams come true.

Children can record their imagination and ideas in the activity book. This is great for activities while traveling and for story time. It helps the child discover its own inner process. Developed by a parent named Leah Kalish who uses guided imagery and helps children expand their own imagination.