Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Instructional Fair   Animal Discovery Kit-Horse


6 - 12 years

$ 13.95

Ph: 800 253-5469

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Instructional Fair/T.S. Dennison provides educational projects that are used by both parents and teachers. These Animal Discovery kits are one more of a great series of products from this fine company. This is a series of kits on different animals--horses, cats, bears, wolves, and dogs. Insects are a part of the series as well. Each set offers a great deal of learning. Included are a puzzle, a booklet, a poster to color, and a sheet of stickers. The 16-page booklet includes photos and easy-to-read facts. The puzzle is authentic and the photo stickers can be used in the booklet or in the poster. Plus, there is a 5 by 7 certificate of expertise. It all comes together in a handy case. This is a great Instructional Fair item for children to play with and learn from, and to take along while they are on the go during the summer time.