Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Jamin   Jam Packed Vacation Backpack


3 - 11 years

$ 59.95

Ph: 888 779-0091

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This excellent high-quality backpack offers not only a great take-a-long tote, but also many activities inside that will keep your child busy. In one pocket there is a coloring book, an activity book and an adventure book. The stories of Marley Moose will entertain your child, as well as the adventures of Backpack Benny. There are notepads and stationery, a vacation water bottle, a journal, and a telephone/address book to fill in. There is a pouch with activities included, plus room for a cassette player and tapes, or a hand-held game. There is a snack compartment, and an outside zipper that makes it easy to reach whatever the child might need. The backpack sits on your childs lap and can be opened up and used as a work space. There is a pocket for magazine storage, and the whole backpack is designed with plenty of ease and comfort in mind. This is a perfect product to take along in the car, the plane or anywhere.  This is sure to keep your young traveler well occupied.