Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Kids II  Baby 500 Car Seat Toy


6 - 24 months

$ 23.99

Ph: 770 751-0442

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This soft fabric Baby 500 Car Seat  Toy has six fun activities including keys, a musical radio, a steering wheel, a horn, a gear shift lever, and baby-shaped mirrors. Bright colors, full graphics and fun sounds help your baby develop visual and auditory senses. The visor has colorful racing graphics on it. The keys actually start in the ignition, and the steering wheel turns and clicks, giving your child plenty of realistic fun on any drive. These fun activities encourage small motor skills and coordination. The Baby 500 fits the typical car seat; directions are also included for different kinds of car seats. This Kids II Car Seat Toy is great for children up to 36 months and is a terrific value.