Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Manley Toy Quest  Paddle Bop


6 - 12 years

$ 19.99

Ph: 310 277-7855

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There is one paddle and one ball and three triple-A batteries. This Manley Toy Quest Paddle Bop is an interactive memory game. It can be played alone or with others. Follow the sound pattern by bouncing the ball on the paddle surfaces, flipping the paddle, and keeping the ball in play. One side beeps and the other side bops. The paddle will begin a pattern that your child can follow. When he hears a bop sound, he can flip the paddle and bounce the ball on the bop side. There are additional ways to play this innovative new Paddle Bop game. Manley Toy Quest also produces a wide range of LCD sport games. Paddle Bop is definitely an extension of a great game for concentration and dexterity. If you remember the original Paddle Ball game, you will find this an exciting new extension.