Best 100 Toy Winner, 1999

Neurosmith  Music Blocks


3 - 5 years

$ 69.95

Ph: 800 220-3669

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An innovative new Neurosmith product that combines software with music. Children can compose music and explore different harmonies and styles by mixing and matching the blocks in any order. A computer chip is inside each block. The symbols on the sides of the blocks represent different instruments such as woodwinds, trumpets and voices. The colors represent two measure phrases of a melody. The child composes by choosing the musical phrases and types of instruments as they play with the blocks. When children press the buttons they can hear their composition. The cartridges that are available allow them additional opportunities. This is a state of the art music sound system. Neurosmith Music Blocks come with five blocks, a Mozarts Night Music cartridge, and a guide for parents entitled Music and Your Childs Mind. We know that music influences the way a childs brain is organized, and this suggests that music has an important impact on future learning. Music also helps the childs ability to perform math, enhances reading skills, and increases overall academic ability.  There is a handy carrying case. A perfect gift any time.