Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

New Hope  Songs In My pocket


2 - 8 years

$ 10.98

Ph: 805 989-3611

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This is a first class New Hope product. The collection of songs in this album allows children to listen and sing along with Bobby Susser and Ben E. King. Plus, kids can enjoy many suggested activities. They will learn language and self-confidence, motor skills and coordination. The performances by both performers are delightful. The music is arranged by Horace Ott and orchestrated by John Abbott. Songs like Dee Dah Day, and Bip Bam Boom teach letter signs. There Are Colors All Around is a song that will help the child enjoy colors, and there are also feel good songs like Hello Hello, Good-bye Good-bye. This album offers a good range of music and activities that make it a great product to listen to at any time of the year.