Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Pro-Duke Line (Imaginary World)

My First House


2 - 7 years

$ 89.99

Ph: 800 221-3853

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This folding play house is a creative and imaginative play space. Children can draw or write on the corrugated plastic side panels. It is a safe way for children to create their own environment. If they use markers that wash off, they can use this Pro-Duke playhouse over again. There are five pieces that fit together with push-in tabs, ready to assemble anywhere in minutes. My First House is easy to store in its case, or it can be slipped under a bed. With this playhouse, children can create their own imaginary space, and they can take it anywhere. When closed in its case, it can be hung on a wall and used as a drawing board.  There are other wonderful products in this Pro-Duke Line, including a puppet theater and a castle. Another innovative product from Canada!