Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Rokenbok Toy  Rokenbok Down-A-Vator


5 - 12 years

$ 34.99

Ph: 800 476-5265

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The Down-A-Vator is a one-way elevator that uses pneumatic power to lower a Rokenbok vehicle. You drive the vehicle onto the Down-A-Vator platform for a quick ride down one level. Drive off the platform and the Down-A-Vator returns to the up position. The action requires no power or batteries, but it does require the starter set. The Rokenbok products all fit together and allow the child to have remote control functions and imaginary play. The layouts are sophisticated and really add to the fun. Rokenbock toys help children with their physical skills, their fine motor skills, and their social interaction and cognitive skills. Plus, they encourage a child's creativity and imagination.