Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Stak-Its Toy  Stak-Its Building Cards


2 - 12 years


Ph: 519 254-5222

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Cary Lucier from Canada invented this product. He patterned these Stak-Its building cards after existing playing cards. Playing cards give a card building its unique structure, but using them is very difficult for children--and if one card slips, everything falls. This easier-to-use product was developed to provide the child with the challenge of being able to build with basic card-building themes, and to be able to add to their structures. Pieces still lean against each other, so they still provide a challenge. Stak-Its are enjoyable for children of all ages. Children and adults together can also enjoy these Stak-It Cards. They are safe and well made. Included with the cards is excellent educational material that expands the learning opportunities.