Vacation Toy Winner - 1999

Zoki Game  Zoki


6 - 12 years

$ 10.00

Ph: 310 260-1019

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Zoran Paulovic created an innovative strategy game when he developed Zoki.  Strategic planning is the key to this game. You construct 3 by 3 squares and try to score as many points as possible while keeping the opponents score to a minimum. At the end of six rounds, the player with the highest point total wins the game. The instructions are part of the game and it is impossible to play the same hand twice.  The mathematical formulas and arrangements are amazing. There are a variety of games to play with this set of cards. It can be played alone or with other people, and it is fun for the whole family. The value of Zoki is that it helps to teach principles of math, expand observation skills, and promote language development.