Best 100 Toys 2000

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Accord Publishing

Lacey O'Neal

  • Book
  • Novelty
  • Social Responsibility

Price: $15.95

Ages: 4 - 10

Phone: 888-333-1676

This book, written by Arlen Cohn and illustrated by Jeff Cole, includes a bright, red, elastic shoelace. The shoelace weaves through the entire book and into the tale. Lacey is tall and she is involved in camp. The shoelace brings the story into three-dimensional life, as it transforms into arms, legs, ponytails and more. Itís a 32-page book. It helps the child with eye/hand coordination and reading. In addition, Accord has a doodle lunch bag with dry erase board. This includes the eyeball animation; itís a useful product that your child can use for art while it also carries their lunch, in three stylesóa dog, a cat, or a dinosaur.
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