Best 100 Toys 2000

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Looney Tunes Spinning Animation Kit

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Toy

Price: $20.00

Ages: 6 - 10

Phone: 800-777-6990

This is an update of a classic toy. The Zoetrope dates back to the 1840’s in Europe. Inventors attempted to make art images move and created this forerunner of modern cartoon animation. A strip of drawings depicting figures and movement is placed around the inside of a drum with slits. When you spin the drum, you can look through the slits and see the figures moving. It comes with a base so that it can be used at a desk or table. The handle can be used for hand-held animation. There is one full color animation strip, two black and white animation strips that your child can color, and one full color strip of character stickers that can be used to make animation and blank strips to create your own art. This is a creative project that is a lot of fun. There are other delightful products in the Applause line, including the “Binoculars Critters.” Bear, dog, and raccoon are the cover for a pair of binoculars that give easy magnification.
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