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Songames for Sensory Integration

  • Active
  • Audio
  • Educational Skills

Price: $24.99

Ages: 6 - 8

Phone: 888-357-5867

This is a collection of games and songs that are contained in a two CD set. There are 25 therapeutic song-guided activities that help children learn ways to strengthen and integrate sensory experience. They are non-competitive, activity-based games developed by occupational therapists. It has been tested on numerous children. It translates sensory integration treatment into practical terms. There is 55-page companion book with the set. Song Games shows us that the power of music and play can be integrated together to help the child develop in meaningful ways. Developing visual motor abilities is important, and the children who need this kind of work in particular have not had materials that are easy to use and accessible. Song Games provides warning signs of vision problems, discusses the importance of optimal visual skills, and provides some practical activities. It can be used in many different settings.
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