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Hollywood Costume Designer

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills

Price: $20.00

Ages: 6 - 12

Phone: 800-231-3722

This product was created to encourage your child to explore and imagine having a career as a costume designer. A professional Hollywood costume designer, Mary Jane Fort, created the costume sketches, and offers many tips in the accompanying 12 page booklet. With this kit, your children can style a wardrobe. They can be in charge of the wardrobe for their favorite TV and movie star, or they can select a ballerina, fashion model, or other performer for whom they choose a color scheme, fabrics, and other accessories. The Hollywood Costume Designer Kit comes with coloring tools, glitter and glue. Everything is available in a convenient portable carrying case. This is a great product to encourage creative thinking, drawing skills, hand-on experience.

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