Best 100 Toys 2000

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Stories and More, Time and Place

  • Educational Skills
  • Software

Price: $79.95

Ages: 4 - 6

Phone: 800-362-2890

Edmark has a new release in a program that helps children understand how to read. It helps them recall texts and it generally increases learning. The program has four sections: “Starting Off,” “Story Time,” “Thinking About” and “Going Beyond.” There are activities that introduce each story. The child practices recalling the events, and must make connections between what is written and what is illustrated. Then follows an integration process of creativity and experimentation with words and sentences. Children improve comprehension by learning to understand and how to express their understanding. The development of the program helps them gain confidence and the ability to understand the connection between spoken and written words. This software helps teachers to develop skills with their children and includes two CDs, a teacher’s guide, lesson ideas, activity sheets, technical support and more. This software is also excellent for home schooling. “Stories and More” comes with animal friends for grades K to 1, and “Time and Place” for grades 2 to 3. The pages from the original printed books are reproduced. See the “Space Academy GX1,” reviewed for the Best Vacation Program for a product that is excellent for 8 to 12-year-olds.

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