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Enginuity Games

Three Stones

  • Board Game
  • Social Responsibility

Price: $29.95

Ages: 8 - 12

Phone: 888-618-4263

Three Stones is a game of strategy and chance played with glass stones on a wooden board. The object is to place three stones of your color in a row. When you draw a stone, you must play it in the same row or column as your opponent’s last play. Sometimes, you will draw a stone of your opponent’s color, but you must play it anyway. Clear stones count for both players. Each three in a row scores a point, and when all the stones have been played, the highest score wins. The board is made from rubberwood. Once they no longer give rubber, rather than burning them down, the trees are used to make products, and new rubber trees are planted. This is an intriguing game that is definitely challenging.

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