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Reading Rods

  • Educational Skills

Price: $29.95

Ages: 5 - 8

Phone: 800-445-5985

Make word study easier for your child with this special Reading Rods phonics word-building kit. This set of cubes is designed to reinforce phonics, spelling, and language skills. They are bright, color-coded cubes that interlock and give children the cues they need about letters and how to put words and sentences together. There is an activity flipbook that can be used to encourage independent study. These are products that assist your child to learn at home and that build confidence so reading becomes easier and more fun. The kids begin with pictures and letters. There are single consonant and vowel cubes for making simple and complex words. You can add the Magic E cube to introduce long vowel words. You can continue with long vowels and other vowel work and help your children find the key that they need to become successful readers. The kit includes consonant cubes, vowels, Magic E cubes and other materials, and a complete learning guide. There are additional materials that are available in the kit and a variety of kits that will assist you to work with your child, especially if you are doing home schooling. These materials are perfect for teachers and parents. There is a series of different Reading Rods programs suitable for every child’s needs.

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