Best 100 Toys 2000

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Haystack Toys

Cuddle Fish

  • Musical
  • Plush Toy
  • Puppet
  • Toy

Price: $20.00

Ages: 3 - 6

Phone: 877-446-8368

After an extensive national search for the “needle in the haystack”, some excellent new products have emerged. The first is The Cuddle Fish. This is a bright, musical, plush, play set that provides a mother, three babies, a comb, hair, accessories, and a lot of imaginative play. There is a pocket that turns into a puppet fish for undersea fun. The fish has bright colors and has been developed by Frank Young and Liz Farley. There is a very huggable mommy fish and her babies, plus the hair play possibilities are endless. This fish does not go into the water, but she is definitely an invitation to lots of play. The baby fishes clip on, the pocket stores stuff or turns into a puppet. The tummy has a seesaw—this fish can be played with for a long time to come. The packaging is bright and cheery and this family will delight your child. There are half a dozen other new products in the line, including a whale that can go underwater. You can also make whale songs and there other sea pets that can also be put in the water, such as a white shark and the hump back whale. You will also find a play environment that is like a fort or clubhouse, the Air Maze. You can learn more about all of these products on the Haystack Toys web site.


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