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Buddy Brush and the Painted Circus

  • Software

Price: $29.95

Ages: 2 - 6

Phone: 877-682-2122

This product comes from Canada and provides new technology to preschoolers. It is part of a series of 10 that are planned for building, music, and paint adventures to introduce technology. Buddy Brush and the Painted Circus includes a 32-page activity book, a CD, and 3-ring circus building supplies inside a carrying case. Your child will enjoy the circus as Buddy introduces children to the props and to juggling. They can drop Buddy into Circus platforms and watch him perform. You can paint and play with the clowns, build clown faces, paint circus props, juggle with Buddy and create sound effects. You can balance objects on different platforms and have an entire show with music, stage, and performances. Children and parents can do this together. The product allows children to develop their creativity, color identification, music, and art appreciation and also learning how to expand their ability to use the mouse on the computer. Children can paint with the program and have a lot of fun while they’re learning and expanding their creative experiences.

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