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Inspiration Software

Inspiration Six

  • Equipment
  • Software

Price: $69.00

Ages: 4 - 12

Phone: 800-877-4292 x30

This is a useful and important visual learning tool, software that inspires students to develop ideas, and organize their thinking. It helps them with diagramming and outlining their work. It helps them comprehend concepts and information. It guides students through making, creating, and modifying concept maps, webs, idea maps, and graphical organizers. It helps students focus on ideas. The students can prioritize and arrange their ideas, helping them to create clear and concise essays, reports, and other writing. Inspiration can be used in the language arts, science, social studies, or whenever students need structure and research. It is helpful for children, whether they’re in school or at home, in helping them brainstorm, plan, organize, outline, diagram, and so on. This program has continually been upgraded since it was first introduced. The graphics are enhanced and there are more Internet connections. It makes easy to integrate graphics software and Internet technologies. Inspiration 6 has won awards from software reviews as well as for the best educational software.

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