Best 100 Toys 2000

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Interest-Driven Learning

Dr. Peet's TalkWriter for Windows

  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Musical
  • Software

Price: $39.95

Ages: 3 - 8

Phone: 800-245-5733

This is a complete learning package. It is the only talking wordprocessor for preschoolers. It includes a musical ABC game to help children with letter recognition and goes on into reading and writing, including composing e-mail to Grandma. This product allows your child to learn reading/writing skills. They learn the letters through discovery, through songs, and through testing their keyboarding skills to find the letters. As they type they hear each letter, each word, and each sentence spoken by a human voice. Once they’ve written a short phrase, they can compose e-mail and share their writing. This was designed to encourage children to discover how written language works. It must be incorporated with the parents’ and teachers’ activities, with reading and talking to the children, with finding books of their favorite animals, and with playing with them and their favorite games and toys. There are special features for children with physical and visual challenges as well.

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