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Squeak E. Mouse™ Gets Dressed

  • Doll
  • Educational Skills
  • Toy
  • Travel

Price: $29.99

Ages: 1 - 2

Phone: 800-445-8347

A wonderful, new, product to help children get dressed as this Squeak E. Mouse™ gets dressed. This very delightful, huggable mouse will become a friend. Children learn how to dress the mouse by pulling on the pants, buttoning the shirt, zippering the jacket, pulling up a hood, buckling or tying shoes, and snapping a backpack. The clothing can be completely removed, which is a real benefit to the child, who learns how to dress more quickly with this realistic example. Large, huggable body and with a curly tail, Squeak E. Mouse™ is also great for developing eye/hand coordination and learning a dressing sequence. It can be washed in the cold cycle.

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