Best 100 Toys 2000

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Itsty Bitsy Entertainment

Just Like Dad's-Doctor's Set

  • Fantasy Play

Price: $26.00

Ages: 3 - 7

Phone: 212-989-3660

This innovative set of materials provides children with 10 products. It allows them to develop their imagination and role-playing. There is a camping set that includes binoculars, a lantern, and a canteen. The fishing set has a fold-up chair, a fishing rod, net and fish. The tool set has a hammer, saw, wrench, eye gear and other tools that a child needs. The doctor set features a stethoscope, blood pressure meter and dress-up garb. The executive set includes pager, calculator, a clipboard, and a cellular phone, and the chef set has cookie cutters, a baking pan, apron, and a chef’s hat. There is a focus here to reach preschool boys because there are very few toys like this for them.

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